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Final Peer Review Panel Report on Proposed Minimum Flows for the Crystal River/Kings Bays System
Final Peer Review Panel report on proposed minimum flows for the Crystal River/Kings Bay System is attached.
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Hydrodynamic Modeling Results with Salinity Adjustment at Downstream Boundary for Reduced Spring Flow

In response to Panel discussions, District staff have re-run the hydrodynamic model for the Crystal River/Kings Bay System for the 12 assessed flow-reduction scenarios with adjusted salinity boundary conditions at the mouth of Crystal River. The new modeled salinity results were processed and are summarized in the attached file. The results confirm our original finding of an allowable 12% flow reduction based on changes in salinity habitats.

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Agenda for the December 5, 2016 Crystal River/Kings Bay System MFLs Peer Review Panel Teleconference
Agenda for the December 5, 2016 Crystal River/Kings Bay System MFLs Peer Review Panel teleconference is attached. The meeting will be conducted as a teleconference along with a web-based utility for file sharing and will be facilitated from a meeting room at the District's Brooksville office. Note the 12:00 p.m. start time.
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Florida Springs Council Comments on the Draft Crystal River/Kings Bay Minimum Flows Report
Attached are comments received from the Florida Springs Council regarding the draft District report on recommended minimum flows for the Crystal River/Kings Bay system.

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Draft Edits for Chapter 2 and New INTB Model Calibration Appendix
Greetings Panel - As discussed during today's teleconference, I am posting draft edits to sections 2.9.1 and 2.9.2 (see track changes) of the minimum flows report and a new appendix (2A) that addresses INTB model calibration results. These proposed revisions were developed earlier this month by Ron Basso in response to comments made during a Panel teleconference.
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Summary for November 15, 2016 Crystal River/Kings Bay MFLs Peer Review Panel Meeting
Summary for the November 15, 2016 Crystal River/Kings Bays minimum flows peer review panel meeting is attached
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Hydrologic Data Requested by the Crystal River/Kings Bay Peer Review Panel Chair

Three files containing hydrologic data for the Kings Bay/Crystal River System requested by the Panel Chair have been uploaded to the "outgoing" folder of the District's FTP site. Clicking on the link below (or pasting the URL into your browser) should allow access to the files







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Modeled Salinity Distributions in the Crystal River/Kings Bay System
Attached file includes salinity distributions in the Crystal River/Kings Bay System predicted for various scenarios using the hydrodynamic model developed to support minimum flow establishment. The file was prepared by XinJian Chen in response to discussion during the November 15, 2016 Peer Review Panel teleconference.
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