Here is revised report. It includes:
1) changes made during the net-meeting (additions to Sam's table 1)
2) revised conclusions by Dr. Ray Walton,
3) new summary paragraph in discussion section written by Bill and Barbara.

Sam & Ray---please review and either: approve, or make revisions as track changes on file. If you approve then send a one-way email confirming that to Jerry Salsano. If  you need to rewrite, then post the tracked change file on the web board, and then send a one-way email message to Jerry with that message.

Please, do this ASAP, or at the very latest by noon on Wednesday the 30th.
Jerry will make sure that the final document is sent to Doug.

Thanks again for your hard work, under tight deadlines.
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Sam Upchurch
I approve of this version for final distribution with changes accepted. Two grammatical issues were noted. On page 6 (pages need to be numbered), the inserted text third line from top, the word "the" should be deleted. Also, in the same paragraph, line 6, shouldn't the word "on" be "or"?
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Jerry Salsano
Thank you Dr. Upchurch.
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I made a few changes (noted with "comments").  Overall, it looks good.
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