Fellow Panelists (Sam & Ray), Doug and other staff, and others

Attached file is draft of final report, assembled and distilled by me with a great deal of assistance from my two partners, Barbara Vergara and Jerry Salsano. Please review before our final net-meeting tomorrow afternoon. Format of report is simple and straight forward. For Sam and Ray please give particular focus to the summary section. For that I used the text submitted by Sam, my own summary, and a synopsis of Ray's findings that I wrote. So Ray, please edit/revise as needed.

My primary goal for tomorrow afternoon's net-meeting is for we the panel to make final changes to this draft. To that end, if you panelists have comments or feedback to share before the net-meeting then by all means do that.

My two partners, Barbara and Jerry, will participate in tomorrow's net-meeting to facilitate making the final revisions, and making sure that the report gets delivered/posted to Doug Leeper by close of business on Wednesday the 30th, our target due date.  As you are aware, I have my hip surgery on Tuesday, so I will be little to no help after Monday evening.

A request--Ray and Sam please forward your respective firm's logo, so we can add those to the title page.

Finally, it has been a pleasure working with this team. I look forward or discussion tomorrow afternoon.

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See attached file and track changes
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