A reservation sets aside a defined quantity of water from consumptive use (i.e., from being included in a permitted water withdrawal) for the protection of fish and wildlife or the public health and safety.

A proposed reservation has been developed by the District to ensure that water stored in Lake Hancock and released to Saddle Creek for the protection of fish and wildlife through recovery of minimum flows in the Upper Peace River is reserved from use by water-use permit applicants. Minimum flows are limits established by the District Governing Board for flowing water bodies to prevent significant harm to the water resources or ecology of an area that may be caused by water withdrawals.

The proposed reservation is summarized in a draft report available on this page that the District will voluntarily subject to review by an independent, scientific peer review panel. The panel consists of two independent, recognized experts in the fields of hydrology and engineering who will review all scientific or technical data, methodologies, models, and scientific and technical assumptions used to support development of the proposed reservation and prepare a final peer-review report for the District Governing Board.
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