Steven Peene
Dann and Adam,

Attached please find my draft rewrites through Section 2.1 for the final Peer Review Document for Chassahowitzka.  I have left track changes on in the WORD document so that you can see the changes. 

The rewrites reflect the approach taken to keep the initial peer review recommendations in place while addressing the District's responsiveness to our recommendations.  I have put in capitals and bracketed, items I wish to discuss and finalize on the teleconference tomorrow.

We would then add the filled in tables for Section 2.2 which I provided to you earlier to fill out.  The new tables had the column to identify if the District was responsive to your specific comment. 

We will discuss the Section 3 tables tomorrow in detail to define consistent panel findings for those specific task items.

Talk with you both tomorrow. 

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Adam Munson
This looks good to me.
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Dann Yobbi
Steve--I made a few edits for your consideration.  Please ignore table of contents and bottom of page edits.
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