The draft report of the ECFTX model documentation is attached below for the peer review team. The peer review team shall submit their comments by November 27, 2019 and post them to the web board.  Due to the voluminous nature of the appendices, they have been loaded to an FTP site at:


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Louis Motz
Attached is my review of the draft ECFTX model report.
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Attached is my review of the draft ECFXT model report.  There are two documents: the first is a page-by-page listing of comments, many of them editorial in nature; the second is a detailed discussion of my major technical comments.
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Mark Stewart
Attached is my review of the report. As we have been involved with the conceptualization, construction, and calibration of the model since the start of the modeling process, my comments are principally text level edits. My technical comments have been made and discussed in prior meetings.

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