Doug Leeper
Post by Doug Leeper on 11/15/2019.

1. The attached draft reservation report (20191115_LakeHancockReservation)  was provided to the peer review panel on 11/13/2019.
2) The attached spreadsheet (20191115_PRMRWSA-WUP-Analysis) was provided to the peer review panel on 11/13/2019.
3) A second spreadsheet (20191115_LakeHancockWaterBudgetModel) was also provided to the panel on 11/13/2019, but is not attached to this post, due to issues with the ability of this forum software to recognize the file. This issue will hopefully be addressed through an amended or separate post that includes the second spreadsheet file.
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Doug Leeper

This spreadsheet containing the water budget model (20191115_LakeHancockWaterBudgetModel) includes a macro and cannot be attached to this post due to the forum software limitations.  The file can be downloaded from the District’s Citrix Sharefile site. To access the site, go to the following link and download the file after entering your email address and name.


If you are unable to download the file but are interested in obtaining a copy, please contact Doug Leeper at 1-800-423-1476, extension 4272 or at doug.leeper@swfwmd.state.fl.us.

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