Steven Peene
Dann and Adam,

Attached is the Draft Final Peer Review document for Chassahowtizka.  Please review and let me know if my rewrites in Section 2.1 and the Executive Summary reflect our conversations on the 29th and the documents Gabe has uploaded in the last two days.  Also, Dann if I have captured the changes needed in the Section 2.2 tables based on the recent documents provided and our discussion on Wednesday.  Also, let me know if my consolidation of the Panel findings in the Section 3 Tasks is agreeable.  I do have some clean up and add on for the references based on the recent postings, but I can do that for the final.  After you have sent back any changes/edits I will finalize and post the reports.

I am working on the Homosassa Report, this may push into the weekend, but it will be posted by Sunday at the latest. 

Thank you both, it has been great working with you on this. 

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Dann Yobbi
Steve-I see no problem with your write-ups of Sections 2.1 or 2.2 and your consolidation of our individual responses in Section 3.  Attached is my review copy of the report with a few edits for your consideration.

thanks for all of your work finalizing this report

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Steve, I read the final Chass report and agree that you have done an excellent job of synthesizing the report from our individual comments and conversations.  You are an excellent chair and I appreciate all the additional work you do on behalf of the panel. 
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Steven Peene
Thank you Dann and Adam.  I will incorporate the edits, finalize, and post the final report. 
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