Steven Peene
Dann and Adam,

Attached is the Draft Final Homosassa Peer Review Report.  Please review and let me know any edits or changes.  One point to note is that in the Initial Peer Review report we had some issues on the comment numbering.  This is fixed in this one.  As such, the comments numbers don't line up with the Initial Report fully.  


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Dann Yobbi
Steve-Attached is my review copy of the draft final Homosassa Report with a few edits for your consideration. I noticed that the report is dated May 2019 not June 2019 and you may want to change the Chass MFL report as well  As Adam stated, thank you for all of the extra work you did for the Panel.  Its been a pleasure working with you and Adam.

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Adam Munson
Thanks for this Steve and Dann.  I have no edits to add to Dann's which look good to me.
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