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  • Expanded East-Central Florida Transient (ECFTX) Groundwater Model

    The Expanded East-Central Florida Transient (ECFTX) Groundwater Model is a three-dimensional model that extends from the Gulf of Mexico on the west to the Atlantic Ocean on the east and from southern Marion County in the north to the Highlands/Glades county line in the south. The model simulates groundwater flow in the surficial aquifer, intermediate aquifer/confining unit, Upper and Lower Floridan aquifers, and associated middle confining units. The model will be used to evaluate the effects from changes in groundwater withdrawals and other components of the water cycle on water levels in lakes, rivers, springs, and wetlands in support of the 2020 update of the Regional Water Supply Plan for the Central Florida Water Initiative area.

    26 106 ECFTX Conditional Acceptance Memorandum from Peer Review Panel by pete.andersen
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